Tutoring Contract

Tutee Responsibilities & Expectations

  • Check your voicemail and uncc.edu email for messages from your tutor or TS Administrators.
  • Attend your class regularly to help facilitate your tutoring session with content and questions.
  • Attend all scheduled appointments (see Attendance Policy on appointment page). Arrive early on time or early and bring all academic support materials (textbooks, notes, worksheets, pen/pencil, calculator, syllabus, etc.)
  • Prepare for each session by reviewing the material you would like covered. Bring an agenda or list of questions to share with your tutor.
  • Participate actively by asking questions, complete practice problems, etc.
  • Please do not bring friends to sessions; they must sign up for their own appointment or you must formally apply for a group tutoring appointment approved by the Assistant Director for Tutoring.
  • Understand that your tutor is not the subject matter expert nor your professor. Tutors are students who are constantly learning new methods of application for subject material. Do not expect your tutor to know all of the answers to all of your questions.
  • Tutors are here to assist you in understanding the material and will show you ways to study course curriculum. They will not help you complete homework, nor are they a substitute for attending lecture.


  • UCAE Peer Tutors cannot complete or grade homework assignments, quizzes, projects, tests, webwork, or any other materials submitted for a grade.
  • Cheating or misuse of resources of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • For the complete Academic Integrity Policy, refer to http://integrity.uncc.edu


We regard information gained from students, instructors, or counselors to be highly confidential. Test scores, grade reports, personal matters shared with tutors and staff, and matters related to students' disabilities are not discussed beyond the context of the tutorial relationship. Gossip about students, personal backgrounds, or other bits of information, factual or unfounded, is not permitted between tutor and tutee or anyone else in the employ of Tutorial Services. We recognize that trust is essential to any helping relationship, and those to be trusted must be trustworthy. Betraying confidence can cause irreparable damage to a students' ability to trust.

We at Tutorial Services adhere to the following restrictions:
  • We consider personal conversations held with students to be privileged information.
  • We maintain computer password data in confidence and do not disclose it to any other person or authorize others to use it.
  • We will not release confidential information, in any form, to any other party in accordance with University Policy Statement #69 (The Privacy of Educational Records). We will maintain confidentiality after we leave employment of the University.
  • When discussing confidential information with others for authorized purposes, we exercise care to keep the conversation private and not overheard by others not authorized to have such access.