Cancellation, No-Show, and Reactivation


  • CANCEL a scheduled appointment up to 4 hours before the appointment start time through CONNECT or by calling the Front Desk (Colvard 2200) at 704-687-7837.
  • 3 Cancellations for any UCAE service appointment count torward deactivation for UCAE services. For example, canceling 2 Personal Academic Consultations (PACs) plus 1 Tutorial Services appointment will result in deactivation.
  • Students are NOT permitted to text, call, or email UCAE Peer Tutors to cancel appointments. All communication about cancellations must go through CONNECT or the Front Desk.


  • A scheduled appointment canceled within 4 hours of an appointment start time is considered a NO-SHOW and will result in account deactivation.


  • The UCAE Reactivation Policy requires students to complete the Reactivation Request Form AND guarantee both text and email reminders are selected for all future appointments (Tutoring and Personal Academic Consultations).

  • Once the form and reminders are completed, our office will review your CONNECT account and consider restoring your account for academic service access.