Welcome to Tutorial Services!

Our Mission & Philosophy

UCAE Tutorial Services is UNC Charlotte’s main course-specific academic support program that serves students through appointment and drop-in tutoring. 

Tutorial Services are free and available to any enrolled undergraduate student, in any major, in any academic standing.

Tutorial Services is committed to providing quality academic services by continuously providing our peer tutors professional development through teaching and learning strategies, supplemented by University-focused diversity trainings.

You should refer a student to Tutorial Services anytime and every time someone says they are looking for extra help outside of class. We serve students with A, B, C, D, and F grades every day.

For more information about scheduling an appointment please see FAQs and Type of Appointments

Our Peer Tutors

Our Peer Tutors are academic leaders on-campus and share their expertise after proven grade performance and faculty recommendations.

Our 60 Peer Tutors offer coverage in over 100 courses across 30 majors with 500+ hours of availability per week!

*29 current UCAE Peer Tutors are Spring 2018 Chancellor's List Recipients!

*13 current UCAE Peer Tutors are Spring 2018 Dean's List Recipients!

To schedule a tutoring appointment, use CONNECT







+ CHEM 1203 Reading Day Review Session from 11AM - 1PM in UCAE Learning Commons - Colvard North 2300

+ ECON 3125 Reading Day Review Session from 2 - 4PM in UCAE Learning Commons - Colvard North 2300