Workshop Topics

UCAE Workshops

All workshops are help in Colvard 2006 except Computer Lab Workshops held in Colvard 2212. Workshops are 45 minutes long. Check the UCAE website for schedule and registration information. For days and times check the Workshop Calendar.

Bounce Back From Setbacks
Discover tips to help get you refocused and stay motivated throughout the semester.

Communicating with Your Professor and Succeeding in a Large Class
Learn to communicate more effectively with your professor and develop a relationship that promotes academic success, along with tips on how to be successful and establish your presence in a large class.

Discover your Learning Style
Increase awareness of your learning style preference and strategies to accommodate your learning style.

Finding Your Motivation
Explore motivation and personal accountability, and learn how to tap into them in order to take control of your academic success.

Goal Setting
Identify short and long term goals, and create a specific, realistic, and well-informed action plan for achieving them.

Group Work Made Easy
Learn ways of working in groups to effectively complete projects and assignments.

I’m Stressed
Increase your awareness of stress and how to minimize stressors in your lives.

Come take the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory, then learn through a results interpretation about strategies to help you be successful in college.

Maximizing Your Budget
Learn about budgeting, how credit cards work, and how to graduate with minimal debt. 

Microsoft Excel Basics
Learn how to input data, format cells, create charts and graphs, and use built-in Excel functions.

Mindset Matters
Through exploring the Growth Mindset, learn how perception can influence development in academics and beyond.

Navigating Online Classes
Explore the differences you’ll find when taking online or hybrid classes and learn ways to be successful in this course format.

Organization 101
Learn about traditional and new electronic/app-based methods that can help you organize your schoolwork and your life.

Pain-Free Presenting
Discover how to create a dynamic presentation and show your audience that you are truly a “SUPERSTAR!”

PowerPoint Perfection
Bring a PPT you are working on or use our basic template to explore the bells and whistles you can add to a presentation to make it stand out from the crowd.

Preparing for Your Advising Appointment
Get the most from your advising appointment by taking just a few minutes to prepare with us.

Prepping for Tests
Discover ways to improve your chances of making an “A” on your next exam, mid-term, or final.

Resource Rundown
Increase your awareness of campus resources that promote academic success and a stronger connection to Niner Nation.

Study Smarter
Learn helpful tips to process content in a timely and effective manner for successful course completion.

Time Management
Learn to effectively organize your time and tasks so you can accomplish your goals.

Tips for Better Note-taking & Reading
Maximize your note-taking and reading skills to grasp the main concepts and ideas from lectures and textbooks.

Understanding Liberal Studies (LBST) Courses
Get the inside scoop on Liberal Studies courses and methods to succeed in them.

Wellness for Academic Success
Maximize your academic potential with health tips that will affect your outer and inner self.