Peer Tutor

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This position provides opportunities for leadership and is provides personal and professional development  opportunites

  • Workload of up to 10 hours per week, pays $10 per hour, and offers a custom schedule around academic and personal non-negotiables; some weekday evenings and/or Friday hours are expected.

  • Provide appointment and/or drop-in tutoring to currently enrolled undergrads for 100+ courses in 30+ subjects.

  • Earn nationally recognized certifications as a Level 1 Certified, Level 2 Advanced, and Level 3 Master Tutor through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).

  • Opportunities for campus leadership and personal and professional development through the service of helping peers learn and academically progress.


  • Currently enrolled undergraduate with one semester of academic coursework at UNC Charlotte.

  • Cumulative GPA over 3.0, preferred program GPA over 3.3

  • (A) grade performance in the course(s) for which you are applying. Transfer and lab grades are NOT evaluated.

  • Two references. One reference from a UNC Charlotte faculty member in the subject area you apply to tutor, and preferably in the main course of expertise. The other can be an employment reference or another faculty.

  • A commitment of at least 2-semesters is encouraged and in-semester resignations are highly discouraged.

Recruitment Timeline
Fall Deadline to Apply March 31st
Interviews / Hire  April / May /June
Spring Deadline to Apply October 31st
Interviews / Hire  November / December 
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