Faculty Resources

The University Center for Academic Excellence (UCAE) is a combination of four offices poised to help students enhance their learning skills and improve their academic performance.

Learning Strategies and Instruction offers skill workshops, a resource library and a computer lab. 

Workshops – Among the workshop topics are: Procrastination Prevention, Managing Test Tension, Improving Note Taking and Text Reading, Time Management Skills, and Succeeding in Large Lecture Courses.  Workshops are offered throughout the semester.  For more detail see the Workshop Schedule.   You can also request to have a workshop topic presented in your class.Personal Academic Consultations are one-on-one sessions conducted by UCAE graduate students to help students develop specific strategies which address their academic concerns.

Tutorial Services (TS) provides FREE appointment and drop-in peer tutoring in the areas of math, science, business, health, engineering, and language.  Tutoring is primarily offered in the introductory levels of these subjects with increasing coverage in advanced courses. Over 50 peer tutors provide academic support coverage in over 100 courses with 500 tutoring hours of availability peer week! UCAE Tutorial Services is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) with Level 1 Certified, Level 2 Advanced, and Level 3 Master Tutors. Many of our student employees are Chancellor's and Dean's List Recipients.

 Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a successful, peer led group study program that helps students earn better grades in challenging courses.  The SI leaders are students who successfully completed the class and attend the class again to tailor the SI sessions to specific classes.  Students regularly attending SI sessions earn higher grades!  

Student Success (SS) provides assistance to students who are experiencing academic difficulties. The 49er Rebound program assists new students on academic probation return to good standing. Students Obtaining Success (SOS) offers weekly peer mentoring and ongoing support for students on academic probation. Mentees develop academic skills and learn to utilize campus academic resources to become academically successful. Faculty and staff should refer students to 49er Rebound or SOS Peer Mentoring if they are on academic probation or experiencing other academic standing issues.