Drop-In Tutoring

Drop-in tutoring

Check back for updates. 

Please direct questions about tutoring to 704-687-7844 and/or tutoringserv@uncc.edu.

We have partnered with the Office of Academic Diversity and Inclusion to offer virtual drop-in tutoring sessions this semester beginning Tuesday September 22nd.  Click here to learn more! 

Attendance is voluntary and unlimited with no scheduling requirement. 

Arrive and depart the session for any duration as your schedule allows! 
Course Day Time Location
BIOL 1110 Tuesday 6-8 PM


CHEM 1251 Tuesday and Thursday 6-8 PM https://uncc.zoom.us/j/96583844376?pwd=MkozVG1GblowN2dabVFneEg2SEtDdz09
MATH 1100, 1103, 1120, 1241, 1242 Tuesday 6-8 PM https://uncc.zoom.us/j/99801631980?pwd=b0NkbDFrR3g0MkVHQVhhanhLc0R0UT09
MATH 1120, 1241, 1242 Thursday 6-8 PM https://uncc.zoom.us/j/99801631980?pwd=b0NkbDFrR3g0MkVHQVhhanhLc0R0UT09
PHYS 1101 Tuesday and Thursday 6-8 PM https://uncc.zoom.us/j/91304034639?pwd=WTNvb2UwUmgyamtvK3ZNZGhpYi8yZz09
Check back for updates!