Types of Appointments

Tutorial Services offers 3 appointment types: 

Individual Tutoring

  • One-on-one tutoring offered by appointment only.
  • All appointments occur in Colvard 2300. Check-in in Colvard 2200.
  • For instructions on how to sign up, click here.
  • NEW: Students can request a reoccurring appointment which would be scheduled with the same tutor, at the same time, every week throughout the semester. You must have attended at least 3 tutoring appointments this semester before you request the reoccurring appointment.
  • Held only during the fall and springs semesters.

Group Tutoring

  • Group tutoring may occur during drop-in tutoring if multiple students attend.
  • Offered by requesting an official group appointment with Tutorial Services.
    • Groups must have 3 or more group members, who are all taking the same course but who may not be in the same section of the course.
    • Groups meet weekly with the same tutor, at the same time each week.
    • Students can attend group tutoring once per week, in addition to making an individual appointment for the same subject.
    • Click here to download the application. Completed forms can be returned via email to tutoringserv@uncc.edu 

Drop-In Tutoring

  • Offered for selected courses and held in various locations on campus (Language Resource Center, Atkins Library, etc).
  • Students can attend drop-in tutoring as often as they like, there are no restrictions to attending.
  • Drop-in Tutoring schedule is posted here.