Tutoring Contract and Consent

In order to optimize our tutorial program services, please review the UCAE Tutoring Contact.

Scheduling an appointment certifies that you have read and agreed to the information contained in this contract.

Tutoring may be suspended or revoked for failure to abide by any of the following policies and procedures. 

 UCAE Tutoring Contract

This contract is designed to maximize the effectiveness of tutoring by highlighting the goals and expectations of both students, tutor and tutee. Before tutoring can begin, review the rules and regulations set by the UCAE. By scheduling an appointment, your consent to honoring these guidelines is given. Should either party be unwilling or unable to meet the responsibilities outlined below, please document your concern to tutoringserv@uncc.edu and it will be addressed by the Assistant Director for Tutorial Services.


The goals of tutoring are:

  • To promote and support active and independent learning;
  • To develop a positive approach to learning;
  • To aid in developing a higher student competence or confidence in a particular subject; and
  • To create an encouraging environment where learning takes place at the student’s pace.


Students are expected to:

  • Check your voicemail and UNCC email for messages from your tutor or the TS office.
  • Attend class on a regular and consistent basis.
  • Attend all scheduled appointments (see attendance policy on back). Arrive on time or early and bring all academic support materials (textbooks, notes, worksheets, pen/pencil, calculator, etc.).
  • Prepare for each session by reviewing the material you would like covered. Bring an agenda or list of questions to share with your tutor.
  • Participate actively-ask questions, complete practice problems, etc.
  • Do not bring friends to sessions-they must sign up for their own appointment or you must formally apply for a group tutoring appointment which is approved by the Assistant Director for Tutoring.
  • Know that your tutor is not the subject matter expert- that person is your professor. Tutors are students who are constantly learning new methods of application for subject material. Do not expect your tutor to know all of the answers.
  • Know that tutors are here to assist you in understanding the material and will show you ways to study for the course. They cannot do a homework assignment for you, nor are they a substitute for attending the lecture.


Tutors are expected to:

  • Review material to be covered prior to each tutoring session.
  • Attend all scheduled sessions and arrive on time or early.
  • Use guiding questions to help students identify problem areas or areas of concern.
  • Use examples to demonstrate concepts and theories; provide opportunities for practice.
  • Assist with practice problems but not graded work.
  • Make appropriate referrals for outside assistance, if necessary.
  • Wait fifteen (15) minutes before marking a student as a “no-show”.
  • Complete accurate session records.
  • Be mindful of tone & voice while tutoring, treating the person with respect and patience as he/she learns.


  • Engaging in a discussion about what the student knows and doesn’t know about a subject.
  • Allowing the student to find the answers on his/her own by using textbook, notes, etc.
  • Using question and answer techniques that help the student process information and transfer knowledge into their long-term memory.
  • Creating opportunities for students to practice what they are learning by providing mini-quizzes, practice problems, or other activities.
  • Reviewing notes, previously-graded assignments, projects, and/or tests (as long as the materials are not re-submitted for a revised grade) to identify strengths and weaknesses.


Academic Dishonesty:

  • Tutors cannot complete or grade homework assignments, quizzes, projects, tests, webwork, or any other materials submitted for a grade.
  • Cheating or misuse of resources of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • For the complete Academic Integrity Policy, refer to http://integrity.uncc.edu/ .


Students:  Unless there are extenuating circumstances, which are handled on a case-by-case basis by a TS senior staff member:

  • Students may cancel their appointments online through TutorTrac up to 4 hours in advance of the appointment start time.
    • Students are allowed to cancel 3 times before their account is deactivated and reactivation paperwork must be completed in order to schedule future visits.
    • Cancellations of any kind of UCAE appointment count against the student ex: cancelling 2 Workshop appt. & 1 TS appt. = deactivation.
  • Appointments cancelled after 4 hours will be considered no shows and reactivation paperwork will have to be completed. If you believe you have an extenuating circumstance, please contact Tutorial Services and ask to speak with a senior staff member (704-687-7837).
  • One no call, no show will result in your student account being deactivated. You must complete account reactivation paperwork in order to use tutoring services again.
  • It is NOT acceptable to email your tutor and/or Tutorial Services to cancel an appointment. You must call Tutorial Services if you have questions about your appointment (704-687-7837).

Tutors:  Unless there are extenuating circumstances, which are handled on a case-by-case basis by a TS senior staff member:

  • You must request time off, within 2 weeks of the requested date.
  • If you cancel an appointment, you must contact the affected student(s) within 24 hours to offer a make-up appointment within 48 hours. All efforts should be made to reschedule within 48 hours of the missed visit.
  • Tutors who miss a scheduled session without proper notification will face Employee Corrective Action and are required to contact the affected student(s) within 24 hours to offer a make-up appointment within 48 hours. All efforts should be made to reschedule within 48 hours of the missed visit.

Please review our General UCAE Policies page for more information about making appointments, canceling appointments, and other FAQs.