How to Schedule an Appointment

Click HERE to download a PDF version with pictures to help guide you in making an appointment. 

Directions for scheduling a Tutoring appointment in TutorTrac

  1. Go to and sign in using your NinerNet credentials.*
  2. After you sign in, you’ll see your welcome page, click Search Availability located in the left side bar.
  3. Next, in the drop-down box under Center, select UCAE-Tutorial Services.
  4. (optional) If you know a tutor you’d like to schedule an appointment with, select the name from the drop-down menu under Consultant.
  5. Next, under Section, select the course you want to schedule for tutoring. You can only schedule appointments for the courses you’re currently registered for.
  6. (optional) Under the Reason field, select Individual Tutoring, almost all tutoring appointments in Tutorial Services are one-on-one.
  7. Leave the location setting blank. (Selecting a location can cause an error, returning no results for open appointments.)
  8.  Select search to see available appointments.
  9. Once you find the appointment time you want, click the corresponding green box. Enter your phone number so that we can contact you if needed. Also enter any notes you'd like your consultant to know (ie: topics you'd like to review).
  10. Save the appointment.
  11. Once the appointment saves, you’ll return to your home screen and you’ll see the appointment listed under Upcoming Appointments. Finally, you’ll receive an automated reminder email once the appointment has saved.

*If you are receiving an error message that your "access is denied" but you have not missed any appointments or cancelled 3+ appointments, try clearing your browser history & saved passwords. If you continue to have access issues, please call 704-687-7837.