Apply to be a Peer Tutor

A tutoring position averages 10 hours per week. The work schedule is flexible to be consistent with a student's class schedule and may include some evening and/or weekend hours. The tutor provides one on one peer tutoring for UNC Charlotte students who are currently enrolled in the course for which they are receiving tutoring for. Some minimal weekly paperwork/documentation is required along with weekly schedule up-keep.

Peer Tutor Minimum Qualifications

  1. You must have completed at least one semester of academic work at UNC Charlotte.
  2. You must have a minimum 3.0 Overall GPA.
  3. Tutorial Services prefers that you have made an “A” in courses you wish to tutor but “B” grades will also be considered.
  4. You must be fluent in English.
  5. Tutors are required to be enrolled in 9 or more credit hours at UNC Charlotte for the semester which they are applying for. *It is the students’ responsibility to notify the program coordinator if this changes at any time before or during the semester.
  6. Due to unique course requirements and diverse methodology at other institutions, Tutorial Services reserves the right to select candidates who have completed their coursework at UNC Charlotte.
    • Tutorial Services gives hiring preference to undergraduate students who have completed their coursework at UNC Charlotte. Graduate Students should take this into consideration before applying to open positions.   
  7. Tutorial Services requires references from at least two individualsOne of the two must be completed by a UNC Charlotte faculty member from the subject area you wish to tutor. The other may be completed by another faculty member or be a professional recommendation. *It is your responsibility to contact these individuals to inform them of your application. Tutorial Services sends electronic evaluations to those you list.
  8. If you wish to tutor in your native language (ie: Spanish, Chinese, etc) you must be recommended by the Language and Culture Studies Faculty. Please visit the office in the College of Education Building room 427 to schedule an appointment with a professor.
To apply, please submit the following items via email to :


For orientation training purposes applicants following our timelines recieve priority hiring consideration: 

Applying to Tutor In

Application Due By*

Interviews Conducted/Hiring 

Fall (August start) July 31st July/August
Spring (January start) November 1st November/December

Summer Sessions

March 30th April/May

UCAE Tutorial Services appreciates your interest in becoming a Peer Tutor!