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Interested in a Leadership Position on Campus for Fall 2017?

The SI program is looking for SI leaders in the follwing subjects:

  • The list of courses the program will be looking for will be coming soon!

Policies and Supplemental Instruction Leader Qualifications

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- SI Leaders are required to be enrolled in no less than 9 credit hours at UNC Charlotte for the semester which they are applying for.

- *It is the students’ responsibility to notify the program coordinator if this changes at any time before or during the semester.

- Students withdrawing from all courses during the applied semester will immediately be dismissed from SI leadership.

- Leaders must have made an “A” in the course which they are applying for.

- The Supplemental Instruction program requires at least one faculty recommendation from the subject which they are applying.

- Leaders are required to attend a two day training previous to the start of the semester.

- Leaders work 10 hours a week maximum.

- Leaders are required to attend all class meetings of the course they are selected to support.

- Leaders are expected to conduct four SI sessions per week during the semester starting the second week of class.

- Leaders are required to attend one hour of weekly SI training.

- SI leaders need to have a minimum GAP of 3.0 to apply for an available position.

To Apply, please submit the following items to

  • SI Leader Application

  • 2 Faculty Recommendations - Only one recommendaiton needs to be from a faculty member in the department in which you are applying to be an SI leader. Preferably the faculty member who you took the course with in which you are applying.

  • Unofficial Transcript

To submit your application, please send your application and unofficial transcript to a Two recommendations are required and should be listed on the applicaion with Name, Relationship and current email address.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Supplemental Instruction Leader!