Benefits of Students Obtaining Success

Students Obtaining Success participants develop confidence in their abilities, improve academic and life skills, and have significant grade point improvements.

  • SOS mentees improve their class attendance and communicate more with academic advisors and faculty.
  • Past SOS participants have an average semester GPA increase consistently greater than 0.800 and as high as 1.010 in given semesters.
  • SOS participants are more likely to return to Good Academic Standing than non-participants.
  • SOS participants report that they improve their time management skills, learn to study more effectively, and better utilize campus resources.

What Participants Say About Student Success

“I am very glad I turned to the Students Obtaining Success program. It was very helpful, it kept me motivated throughout the semester, which helped me make progress. Hopefully, I won’t ever have problems with school again, but if any, I will definitely come to Student Success again and I have already recommended it to some of my friends.”

“This was a great program. I am so glad I decided to be a part of it and I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with their classes.”

“Very good program, I would recommend it to any other struggling student.”

“My mentor was very supportive. I was afraid that my peer mentor would be more of a teacher, but she felt like a friend to me as well so I was able to open up about anything. She was quick to find out anything that I needed to know about. She helped me out with all of the goals that I set in the beginning as much as she could. She didn’t make me feel pressured or nervous at all to have a meeting with her.”