Reactivation Information

In order to keep our services operating efficiently and to keep appointments open and available for all students, the UCAE has detailed expectations for use of our services. When a student does not properly cancel an appointment (barring unforeseen circumstances*) the student's TutorTrac account is deactivated. This prevents the student from scheduling future appointments with all UCAE services.

Students must complete the Reactivation Request Form AND agree to receive text alerts regarding upcoming appointments in order to be considered for reactiavtion. CLICK HERE to access the UCAE Services Reactivation Form . You must be signed in with your UNCC credentials to access the document. 

*In some cases, No-Shows are lifted by the UCAE Senior Staff. Please contact us at if you believe you have an extenuating circumstance.  Be advised that this happens very rarely, so do not expect it to apply to you.

UCAE Appointment Policy Summary

1 No Show = deactivation

3+ Cancellations = deactivation

1 Cancelation with less than 4 hour's notice before the start of the appointment = No Show = deactivation